What Is A Hotel Reservation For Visa Application

Hotel bookings or proof of accommodation are both the same as flight reservations for a visa, which is required by the consulate or embassy. This is one of the mandatory requirements in visa applications for most countries. You're likely wondering how that can be possible since you don't want to book a hotel until your visa gets approved. Well read on, and we'll help you understand how to meet the embassy's requirement for a hotel reservation for a visa application.



Here is a list of common requirements you will need to prepare before you can submit your visa application.

᛫ Valid Passport
᛫ Invitation letter or sponsor from the destination country
᛫ Bank statements (source of income or sufficient money)
᛫ Hotel itinerary for visa application
᛫ Flight itinerary for visa application (proof of return flight reservation)
᛫ Travel insurance for visa (optional)
᛫ Visa Fee
᛫ Application form
᛫ Photos

To better understand what flight reservation for visa application is, please read our post Flight Reservation For Visa Application.

Hotel reservation for visa application is referred to as a document that shows that you have planned for your accommodation in the country you are going to visit. The embassies need to ensure that you can sustain yourself during your travel. It also confirms your travel dates and duration. If you planned to travel for 10 days, then you need to show that you have accommodation for all those days.

You can obtain hotel reservation for visa application form us in less than 5 minutes. Select from either hotel itinerary or flight + hotel package, and your itinerary will be available for you to download instantly.

If your accommodation is provided by your friend or your sponsor, the embassies may request the following information below:

᛫ Individual or company status
᛫ Address or accommodation detail
᛫ Contact details
᛫ Bank statement
᛫ Relation to the applicant



Hotel itinerary or dummy hotel reservation for a visa application refers to a hotel booking that is made only for visa application purposes. It is a temporary reservation created by a verified travel agent, which will be canceled later once your visa approved.

The advantage of getting a dummy hotel reservation for the visa application is that you don't need to pay for the full cost of the hotel accommodation. Instead, pay a small service charge for the reservation document only.



Well, there are a couple of alternative options available. If you have a friend or relative who lives in the country you plan to visit, you may ask them for an invitation letter.  However, they will need to provide the necessary verification documents mentioned before, and not everyone is comfortable doing that. It can cause a hassle for your friend or relative, and they would need to share those personal details with you. 

The other alternative is to book and pay a full price hotel online directly. That way, you can get an actual confirmation letter or email to show proof for your hotel reservation for visa application. But what happens if you don't get your visa on time as expected, or it doesn't get approved? Most hotel reservations booked online don't offer cancellation or refund. If they do, you will likely be charged a 1-night cancellation fee. If you do go for the actual full price hotel reservation, make sure you read through their refund and service terms. Most hotel does not offer cancellation for bookings less than 30 days. This will be more complicated if you plan to book the hotel for multiple cities.

Your best choice is to purchase a hotel itinerary for visa application from us. This eliminates all your hassles and concern. It could also save you lots of money if your visa application is delayed or denied. For a small service fee, you can obtain a hotel reservation that you can use immediately for your visa application.  Or if something changes with your application, you can request for change of dates from us with no questions asked.

With such a convenient and straightforward service from us, you can even request for multiple hotel reservation. Your itinerary will be issued for you seamlessly while you place your order. You can enjoy more time planning for your trip. 


What Is A Hotel Reservation For Visa Application

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