We are a group of people who love to travel, who doesn't? But like many others, going through a visa application is not the best experience. This is the reason that inspired us to build this website. Hope our service could help your visa application less frustrating.

Each year there are thousands of people made the same expensive mistake in purchasing a full-price plane ticket or hotel booking prior to their visa approval. How could purchasing a full-price plane ticket is a mistake?

Visa consulates recommend for applicants not to purchase a full-price ticket until their visa application is approved. The rejection rates for visa applications are remarkably high (Denmark at one point of time had only 35% acceptance rate). So purchasing a full-price ticket is risking to lose cancellation fee or even the full-price ticket if your visa is rejected.

Don't make the same mistake! Most of the embassies do not require a full-price ticket or hotel booking for their visa application. All you need is a flight or hotel itinerary.

We are the first website to offer electronic itineraries by an instant download. Only an accredited travel agency can provide seamlessly travel itinerary instantly. You don’t have to wait 24 hours or pay extra for faster delivery. Our electronic itineraries will simplify your visa application procedure. We provide flight itinerary for Schengen visa application, China visa application and visa application for other countries.

You can simply order your electronic itinerary in less than 5 minutes and your itinerary is available for download at the end of the transaction. Isn't that simple? If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our service, please write to us at info@getitinerary.com and we will refund your order.

Until then, hope you enjoy your visa application better this time

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Excellent Service

Thank you very much for the instant service, Flight choices were very impressive indeed. Kudos to your team. Till our next travel.

Isuru Welivitigoda

Sri Lanka

Highly Recommend

I got my visa approved, they continue to deliver top quality service on time. I would definitely recommend them and will use them in the future

Sadie Goswami



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