Visa Application Requirement For China

Visa Application Requirement For China

China is amongst the most popular country to visit and has attracted tourists from around the world every year. If you plan to visit China, this article will help you to better understand how their visa application procedure and their requirements.

Visa application for China is varied depends on the purpose of your visit. To start with, please follow the requirement for the visa application base on the purpose of your visit. From time to time, China visa consulate may change their visa requirement. So it is best if you make an inquiry directly to China embassy or visa consulate in your country or check their website before submitting your visa application.

Below are the type of available visas. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you might want to check which visa suits your need and for you to apply.

᛫ Tourist Visa
᛫ Visiting Relative Visa
᛫ Spouse Visa
᛫ Business Visa
᛫ Student Visa
᛫ Working Visa

Obviously, for permanent resident, you don't require a visa to visit or enter China.

There are several countries have visa exemption entry to China. If you are a passport holder from Singapore, Brunei or Japan and planning to visit China for 15 days or less, you are exempt for the visa. But you must apply for one if your trip lasts longer than 15 days. If you happen to catch a layover flight in China and has no plan to leave the airport, then you don't need a visa. 

Here is the list of countries that are in visa exemption agreement with China. If you are a passport holder from one of them, then you don't need to apply for a visa to enter China for 15 days or less. But if you are from a country that is not on the list, then you will need a visa to enter China.

If you do require a visa to enter China, and you plan to apply for one, here is the list of basic requirement documents that you need to prepare and include along with your visa application.

᛫ Passport
᛫ Visa Application Form
᛫ Photo
᛫ Flight Itinerary
᛫ Hotel Reservation
᛫ Invitation Letter
᛫ Bank Statement

The flight itinerary and hotel reservation are to allow the Chinese Consulate to ensure that you have planned for your trip and have settled with accommodation during your visit. Your flight itinerary will also ensure them that you have the plan to return to your origin country within your stay permit.

You can obtain both your flight itinerary and hotel booking for your visa application purposes without purchasing an actual ticket. Purchasing an actual ticket for your visa application can pose a risk if your visa is delay or even delay. Once you have your visa, you can purchase an actual ticket with the date that suits you.

Please contact us if you have any flight reservation or hotel booking for visa application related inquiry.

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