Visa Application And Covid

Due to the Covid pandemic, the process of getting a visa application approved is now much more difficult. From travel restrictions and testing requirements before and after arrival as well as the mandatory quarantine that is now required for most destinations. Another troubling aspect is that one can no longer rely on the traditional office hours and availability of visa application offices simply being open to process your application.

These problems create a cascade effect for all the existing requirements necessary for a visa application form due dates and supplemental proof of travel that can easily expire, and force you to re-purchase many of those documents all over again. These documents can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars to prepare and gather. Luckily at Get Itinerary, our service is flexible enough to handle Covid travel plan changes when you need a flight or hotel itinerary for a visa application and require additional changes due to issues out of your control.

The travel itineraries that we produce can be modified or changed for these unforeseen circumstances if the data of travel on them has not passed yet. The process is simple and only requires you to provide a copy of your current itinerary and a brief explanation of why a change is needed and send that to our support team at Turnaround time is the same day and, in most cases, within an hour or two. With the unexpected changes and delays we are all forced to deal with these days, we do our best to ensure that we help you with your travel plans.

This no-charge additional service offering also is very beneficial with the unpredictability of country-to-country restrictions as they relate to Covid-19. With our generous change offering, we can modify existing itineraries to ensure transit does not cross any territories that have temporarily banned service. Yet another unexpected change to your travel plans that can occur at a moment's notice before your visa application that can further delay your application process.

At Get Itinerary, we understand the stress and complexity of getting a travel visa on a good day, and now with the travel industry upended by Covid 19, it's more difficult than ever before. However, we are proud that we can provide you with flexible purchase options that take a little of the stress out of the process.


Visa Application And Covid

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