How To Get A Flight Reservation

How to Get a Flight Reservation for Visa Application?

The visa application process can be stressful, especially for first-timers. Flight reservations are one of the essential documents required for many visa applications. This can be a confusing part of the visa application process as they don't exactly explain how to get one without buying an actual ticket. Visa applicants often seek a confirmed flight reservation as part of their application process, looking for ways to secure their travel plans without the immediate need for full payment. This guide will cover the basics for visa applicants needing a flight reservation, the various methods to get them, and the best practices to avoid common pitfalls. But first, we need to review what a flight itinerary or flight reservation means for visa applicants. These documents are crucial for visa applications, serving as proof of the applicant's intended travel plans. And how do you get one without purchasing a full ticket?

What is a Flight Reservation for a Visa Application?

A flight itinerary (or flight reservation) for a visa application is a PDF-formatted itinerary with your full name, date, and flight information to your destination. This is a mandatory requirement for visa applications in most countries. The flight itinerary is proof for the consulate or embassy of your travel details and intentions and helps them decide on your application. Flight itineraries are also known by other phrases like:

  • booked flight itinerary

  • confirmed flight itinerary

  • detailed flight reservation

  • flight itinerary for flight visa application

  • air ticket booking

  • dummy air ticket

  • dummy air ticket for a visa

  • flight confirmation

  • or flight reservation

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Why Do Embassies and Consulates Ask for a Flight Itinerary?

There are many reasons the embassy and consulate request a flight itinerary. The most common and obvious one is that they need to see your detailed flight or travel journey for verification of your passport and to understand your itinerary. This will show them flight information such as airline names, booking numbers, arrival and departure dates, and airport codes ensuring that information aligns with your stated itinerary and travel plans and proves that you are serious about entering the country and you don't intend to overstay your visa. It is unlikely that any foreign embassy will grant you a passport for the visit without one.

Why Not Purchase an Actual Ticket?

Purchasing a full-price ticket before your visa has been approved exposes you to the financial risk of a costly flight ticket, especially since your visa application's outcome is still uncertain. Embassies caution against buying full flight tickets before visa approval due to the high rates of visa denials and the potential for visa application delays. In either scenario, you risk incurring a cancellation fee or, worse, losing the entire cost of the ticket if it's non-refundable.

Booking directly with an airline might offer a fully refundable option, albeit at a higher price, making these tickets a less appealing choice due to their cost compared to more affordable alternatives, such as through travel agents or online booking platforms. They might be charged for cancellation if you want the refunds. In some cases, refunds can take up to two weeks. For such tickets, you can book directly via the airline's website. Given the significant price difference, opting for a refundable ticket directly from the airline is generally the least desirable option.

How Can I Reserve a Flight Without Paying the Full Price for the Airline Ticket?

There are several ways that you will be able to accomplish this. We will cover the most common methods and their advantages. This is not an exhaustive list, as new services and options are constantly emerging.

1) Purchase a Non-refundable Flight Ticket

Non-refundable flight tickets are often more affordable and offer some of the best deals when traveling. This option makes sense when the visa approval is guaranteed 100% and you are sure you will be traveling on those dates and nothing will affect those plans. Does that sound too good to be true, well, for most people it is. The chance that nothing will occur or disrupt those plans is not great, so the risks are high. However, if you are the adventurous type then here are some great sites that will help you find the best deals around, such as:

  1. Expedia - They offer a broad array of flights from numerous airlines worldwide. You can save money by bundling flights with hotels or car rentals. However, when things go wrong or you need a change, getting a hold of an agent can be difficult and time-consuming.

  2. Skyscanner - Skyscanner compares prices across various airlines, helping you find the best deal. Skyscanner doesn’t charge booking fees as it directs you to book directly with the airline or travel agency. Offers tools to find the cheapest days and months to fly. Sometimes the prices listed on Skyscanner might not match the final booking price on the airline’s or agency’s site. As it redirects to other sites for booking, resolving issues directly through Skyscanner can be limited.

  3. CheapOair - Often offers competitive pricing on a range of flights. Regular promotions and a rewards program can lead to further savings. Offers round-the-clock customer support.
    Additional fees can be somewhat high and confusing. The quality of customer service can vary, with some users reporting negative experiences during disputes or changes.



2) Use a Local Travel Agent to Hold a Flight Reservation

Do you remember Travel agencies? Well, they are still around and offer some great value and support when you need help with your travel plans and are especially useful when you are on the road traveling. Depending on the airline and the supplier they use, some travel agencies can create a flight reservation that stays active for seven days without payment, thus providing a reservation on the airline system. However, they will charge a fee for this and are usually not structured to handle changes and modifications easily.

3) Use Free Ticket Cancellation by Airlines and Booking Sites

Some airlines and booking sites offer a 24-hour cancellation period for your ticket purchase. This ticket cancellation policy for your flight reservation is sometimes not readily visible or known to the users but requires you to read the fine print and terms and conditions of the site to find the process to do that. One example is the Pro TIPA Ticket from budget airline AirAsia, which allows for a cancellation of the flight reservation booking if made within 24 hours. However, even though you may have secured a ticket reservation that you can cancel it is unlikely that you will be able to use the flight itinerary for visa application as it is unlikely that 24 hours is enough time for visa applicants to be processed or to make your visa interview.

4) Getting a Confirmed Flight Itinerary by Purchasing a Refundable Flight Ticket

It's best to buy if you want to buy a flight ticket and if it requires a visa from your consulate. Most airlines have valid tickets that are fully refundable, but they can be much more expensive. They might be charged for cancellation if you want the refunds. In some cases, refunds can take up to two weeks. For such tickets, you can book directly via the airline's website.

5) Use a Fake Generator to Create Dummy Tickets

We advise against using fake flight plan generators to create a flight itinerary. This is considered fraud and could delay a visa application or worse yet, get you banned from entering the country. We strongly recommend opting for a legitimate flight ticket reservation or flight reservation booking from reputable sources, such as established airlines and reliable sources like Get Itinerary. This ensures you have a detailed plan of your flight or travel journey, including flight name, departure/arrival timings, flight code, airport IATA codes, and a valid reservation number, which is essential for visa applications. We believe in providing reputable and legitimate sources with reserved flights and not having to pay the full amount to ensure compliance with visa regulations.

6) Use a Visa Ticket Booking Website

Various websites provide flight reservations with minimal costs. Some provide reservation validity for a few weeks. Prices will vary and some of these sites will offer varying levels of delivery time for their service, at a very high price. When reviewing these Ticket booking websites, it's crucial to ensure they are not using fake flight itinerary generators, as mentioned previously. While a dummy ticket can serve as a temporary placeholder for visa applications or immigration purposes, relying on fake flight itinerary generators is considered fraudulent and can lead to visa refusal or future denials. It's essential to choose reputable sources for obtaining flight reservation tickets to comply with legal and travel requirements.

How to Obtain a Flight Itinerary in Less Than 5 Minutes

At Get Itinerary we offer the fastest service at no additional cost. Most itineraries can be completed within 5 minutes and can be bundled with hotels and additional travelers for extra savings. Most importantly, you don't have to pay for the price of a full ticket to apply for a visa. To obtain your flight itinerary, please select the right itinerary for you in price & plans, and proceed with your flight selections. Your flight itinerary is available for you to download at the end of the transaction. You may print it out and submit it with your visa application. There is no waiting for an agent to create the itinerary and no extra payment for express service. Yes, you'll get your flight itinerary instantly. How simple is that!

Get Itinerary

For all your future trips and visa application needs, a flight itinerary from is the best alternative to purchasing a full-priced ticket.

What Should I Do in the Case of Incorrect Booking?

The visa process can be stressful for some people and mistakes happen. However, for many of the options previously listed, there may be little to no recourse if a mistake is made and a change is needed without purchasing a new ticket or jumping through several hoops. In many instances, the simple process of getting a hold of someone to help with a mistake can be very time-consuming and frustrating. However, at Get Itinerary, we pride ourselves on our exceptional and simple customer service and ability to resolve customer issues on the same day. We are the only visa ticket booking service that allows corrections free of additional charges.

Will the Embassy or Consulate Accept a Booked Open or One-Way Flight Ticket?

A one-way flight may be problematic for a visa application. The embassy or consulate requires a travel itinerary indicating the arrival and departure times to ensure you have a plan to leave the country and do not intend to overstay your visa. A round-trip flight reservation or a round-trip ticket is often preferred as it serves as stronger evidence to the visa officer of your intention to return to their home country after their visit.

Booking a one-way ticket does nothing to prove that you will not overstay your visa. Ideally, the travel schedule should be plausible and include complete round-trip tickets starting and ending in the passenger's home country, especially when traveling from a third country. This has to match your journey dates and the activities should be organised with such clarity that the plan is credible.

What is a Multi-City ticket and Will the Embassy or Consulate Accept That?

A Multi-City (or Stop) ticket shows a series of arrivals and departures that will traverse different cities and countries as part of your overall trip. Those tickets allow for layovers and rest stops in various cities, giving the traveler the flexibility to tailor their trip routes to suit his specific requirements or preferences. It is important for visa purposes that if you intend an alternate mode of travel to exit a country before continuing on a flight from another country you identify that in your state itinerary plan.

Should You Book Flight Tickets Before Visa Approval?

No! Flight tickets should not be ordered before obtaining your visa. Embassies or consulates are aware visa applications are not guaranteed. Instead of purchasing a full flight ticket, it is advisable to obtain a Flight Itinerary and Reserved Flight Ticket, which satisfies visa requirements without the financial risk. Passengers should submit these reservations and avoid purchasing paid tickets. If you have to wait to receive a visa, purchasing a full ticket in advance can cost you a fortune. Airlines do not consider delays in the visa process as a legitimate cause for reimbursement. Obtain a reserved flight ticket instead and buy a full flight ticket only after the approval of your visa!

Now What Should I do?

If you made it this far you should have an excellent understanding of what a flight itinerary for a visa application is and what the best methods are to acquire one. We hope you choose to select our service here at Get Itinerary and leverage our excellent service and committed team of support agents to ensure your next trip and application process is successful. Happy traveling!


How To Get A Flight Reservation

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