How To Get A Flight Reservation

How To Get A Flight Reservation

What is a flight itinerary or flight reservation mean?  And how do you get one without purchasing a full ticket? Submitting a visa application can be a stressful process. During which you will have to fulfill various requirements. Schengen, UK, and US visas are amongst the most difficult to obtain. Hence all visas requirements and procedures are similar. A roundtrip flight itinerary or flight ticket is a mandatory requirement for visa application. It shows that you have made your travel arrangement and return plan. The embassies like to ensure that you do not have an intention to overstay.



A flight itinerary for a visa application is an electronic itinerary in a PDF format with your full name, date, and flight information to your destination country. It is a mandatory requirement for visa applications to most countries. Also known as a flight reservation, the flight itinerary is proof for the consulate or embassy of the destination country to validate your travel dates and decide on your application. Flight itineraries are also known by other phrases like booked flight; itinerary; confirmed flight itinerary; detailed flight reservation; flight itinerary for flight visa application; air ticket booking; dummy air ticket; dummy air ticket for a visa; flight confirmation; or flight reservation.

This is the safest method for submitting a visa application without paying for the full flight ticket. You can obtain a flight itinerary for visa application online with us and download it instantly at a minimal cost.



Purchasing a full-price ticket before your visa has been approved is a risky proposition since your visa application has not yet been approved. Embassies do not recommend applicants to purchase full flight ticket before visa approval because of the high rates of visa denials. There's also a possibility of a visa application delay.  In either case, you're taking a chance that you could be charged a cancellation fee or possibly lose the full cost of the ticket if it was non-refundable.

Booking directly with an airline will sometimes give you a fully refundable option.  However, these tickets tend to cost more in price compared to options you can get from a travel agent or an online booking site.  Given the significant price difference, this option is the least desirable option.



It is recommended to get a flight itinerary or flight reservation through a certified travel agency, this provides you with actual travel information. Most importantly, you don't have to pay for the price of a full ticket to apply for a visa. To obtain your flight itinerary, please select the right itinerary for you in price & plans, and proceed with your flight selections. Your flight itinerary is available for you to download at the end of the transaction. You may print it out and submit it with your visa application. No waiting for an email, no extra payment for express service. Yes, you'll get your flight itinerary instantly. How simple is that!

For all your future trips and visa application needs, flight itinerary is the best alternative over purchasing an actual full-priced ticket. At Get Itinerary we offer the flexibility for you to choose from services that suit your needs, which include an optional hotel itinerary.


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